Tenants Management

Bespoke Service We Take Care of all Aspect Of Your Property

Our London tenant management service for landlords residing overseas includes:

  • Search tenants
  • Acquisition of references
  • Control of residence permits and European Settlement Scheme documents
  • Credit check
  • Lease agreement stipulation
  • Professional tenant check-in inventory
  • Professional check-out inventory at the end of the lease
  • Extension of the lease and registration of the deposit
  • The organisation of required inspections (electricity, gas, etc.)
  • Security deposit insurance through the ” Tenant Deposit Scheme.”
  • Utility payments for vacant periods
  • Management of condominium expenses
  • Registration of owners residing abroad with the HMRC
  • Obtaining the Non-Resident Overseal Landlord certificate
  • Quarterly report
  • Annual rental report
  • Assistance for opening current accounts
  • Rent transfer net of expenses
  • Furniture and interior design
  • Management of repair and maintenance operations
  • Real estate renovations
  • Management of urgent interventions
  • Relations with local authorities
  • Real estate insurance management
  • Representations in court
  • Assistance in regards to lawyers

Our extensive experience in tenant management in central London delivers a seamless experience because we help you with every step of the procedure. Whether sourcing and arranging tenant arrivals, managing pre-and post-arrival repair and maintenance operations, dealing with financial aspects, collecting leases, paying expenses and helping with tax matters. We’ve got you covered.

Our dedicated partners and administrative management team are highly responsive to your needs and in tune with your strategy to maximise your investment return. With our tenant management service, we’re here so that you can relax and enjoy the benefits