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Deal with one of the most trusted property finder in London, relieved yourself of the pressure, anxiety and let us deal day-to-day hassle of searching the most exclusive property and managed for you.

As opposed to traditional estate agents who work only in the interest of a seller or company, we are not restricted by location or area, we operates independently all over London by searching the best real estate opportunities to offer a multiple choices.

We provide keys-on-hands services and we work with the most important luxury developers and realtor in the country, with access to  great investment opportunities even before the projects are launched on the open market.

For investors who are interested in a capital yield above 5% we also offer a selection of fully managed students accommodations, retirement home, parking spaces investments with 12% guaranteed yield for up to 10 years

Services we offer

  • We assist you during the entire purchasing process: following up the lawyer/solicitor for the conveyancing,
  • Assist you with the opening of the bank account
  • We will find the tenants and manage the property
  • Reference all potential tenants before selecting one
  • We will prepare the property inventory
  • Draft the contract on behalf of the landlords
  • Collect the rent & pay any expenses and service charges
  • Pay HMRC tax on behalf of the landlord
  • Monthly transfer the net to the investor
  • We provide  English to Arabic translation service on request, during your visit to London to purchase the flat


  • The UK has one of the lowest tax system in Europe
  • No recurring property tax as opposed to all other European countries
  • The rental income is exempt from tax up to £12.500 for each person registered on the property title
  • London has the largest population in Europe 8.4 million (Berlin is the second with 3.2 million) and keeps growing, this create a huge property shortage which turns to be an opportunity for those who own a property to let.
  • The average capital grow for properties in London is between 8% to 12 %
  • Investors can purchase an off-plan property with as little as  20% deposit, a maximum of 20% advance payment over 2 years and the remaining to be settled in 2-3 years at the completion of the property