Real Estate Negotiation

Negotation in Real Estate

Real Estate Negotiation and Investment Opportunity in London Properties Our exclusive real estate negotiation phase is the key to your successful property investment in London. During this critical phase, we conduct a thorough evaluation of properties with similar characteristics in your chosen neighborhood. We meticulously assess the property's current conditions and determine its land right status, whether Leasehold or Freehold. But that's not all. Our comprehensive approach covers every aspect of your real estate transaction. We go beyond evaluating property characteristics and conditions; we also consider maintenance costs, often referred to as Service Charges, to ensure your investment remains financially sound. Additionally, we provide in-depth analysis and guidance on suspensive clauses or conditions that might affect your investment. Moreover, our continuous communication with legal professionals (solicitors) ensures that every legal aspect of your investment is handled meticulously. Your peace of mind is our priority. Invest with confidence in London's real estate market with our dedicated team. We make property investment in London an informed, hassle-free, and profitable experience.


Registration of Overseas Landlords Services

We help you register as an overseas landlord with the HMRC, and advise on your annual tax return and any tax refund due. Our streamlined service is hassle-free, so you don’t have to worry about any complicated paperwork.     

Overseas Investors

Central London Properties High Rental Yield For Overseas Investors

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Tenants Management

We Take Care Of All Aspects of Your Properties

Our personalised service takes care of everything. So you can relax. Our comprehensive and reliable tenant management service is perfect if you live outside the United Kingdom. We inspire confidence, and by trusting us, you can be safe knowing that we manage your property in central London in compliance with the most rigorous industry standards. Our portfolio of residential properties, on behalf of landlords and investors based outside the UK, is a testament to our years of success and guarantees quality.