Tenants Management Service

Homes Domus tenant management service is tailor-made for those buying property with the aim of income generation. It’s a full and reliable service, ideal for investors who live outside the UK.

24/7 tenants management service

  • With our 24/7 tenant management service we allow you to spare to deal with your tenant’s telephone calls and the resulting work

Emergency repairs

  •  You don’t have to worry, we take care of all emergency repairs and intervention

We continually vet contractors to ensure we only use companies providing the very best quality of workmanship and at a competitive price, keeping landlords worry-free.

Entrusting yourself to us provides the certainty that your property in London will be managed according to the most rigorous and demanding standards available in the market.

Our experience of residential property management for owners and investors who live outside the UK is always a guarantee of quality.

  • Advertising of the property
  • Viewing of the property by potential tenants
  • Obtaining tenant references
  • Carrying out tenant credit checks
  • Drawing up of the lease

Further services are also included, such as:

  • Organisation of any inspections needed (electricity, gas, etc.)
  • Management of tenant check-in procedure
  • Looking after deposits through the “Tenant Deposit Scheme
  • Bill management
  • Collection of rental payments
  • Management of recurring expenses
  • Furnishing and design of interiors
  • Management and supervision of property repair and maintenance
  • Tenant check-out and reporting
  • Possible tenancy extensions
  • Annual tenancy report

Homes Domus Tenants Management Service comes from our deep knowledge of London, the long experience allows us to help you at every stage in the income generation procedure, from finding tenants, organising their arrival, through to managing and supervision of property repair and maintenance, as well as taking care of all the financial aspects, such as mortgages, collection of rent, payment of expenses, and assistance on tax issues.

Use our tenant management service and you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re enjoying all the benefits of your investment.