Why London

Why London Properties

Why Invest In London?

It’s simple. London is one of the world’s most coveted real estate investment markets. The capital city offers a safe and stable environment, a tax policy favourable for investors, and a low level of taxation that ensures London is an excellent rival to New York – and the city continues to attract investors from all over the world.   

You can capitalise on your investment in London in three ways:

1. London Real Estate Investiments for Income

The most common type of investment for overseas investors is the “buy-to-let”, where you purchase a property to make a good income from renting.


TThe rental income is tax-free for the first £12,500, per person and can amortise expenses during the tax year.

You pay taxes on income net of agency, condominium, and agency fees. In 2022 house prices in London are expected to steadily increase, while demand for
rent is higher than the demand for purchase, so rental prices are significantly higher today


2. London Real Estate Opportunity Immobiliari for Resale

Capital appreciation is always high in London. By 2023 the value of residential properties in the most prestigious neighbourhoods is expected to increase by 8%. That means – now – is an excellent time to invest. Moreover, the predicted housing shortage ensures the price increase is constant over the oncoming years. 


Are you looking for a residential investment opportunity in London for yourself or your children who perhaps study or work in London? Any property purchased today has enormous potential to appreciate very strongly over the next few years. Many UK families continue to struggle with the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, so there
is a tendency to rent rather than buy. 


Why London? Another good reason the capital city is an excellent investment is when economic recovery returns and wages rise again, it will be a seller’s market with higher demand. 

3. London Land and Real Estate Investiment Opportunities

Another big draw in the capital city is the bountiful opportunities for investment in land for residential home construction. With an increasing demand for rental housing, many private and public investors want to convert vacant spaces into residential units.

Where to Invest in the UK and London

Why London? The best investment opportunities are within the many prestigious neighbourhoods. You can search in the most coveted and prestigious areas of  Kensington, Notting Hill, Hackney Shoreditch, Mayfair, Belgravia, Pimlico, Hampstead, Maida Vale, Richmond, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Holland Park and Fulham.

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